A name derived from the King of Spices… SAFFRON !

Just as a Pinch of Saffron adds aromatic Life to Food… SAFFRONY adds Aromatic Spice to your otherwise mundane Life…An outing at this beautiful man made ‘Green Haven’ can Spice your Life and Energise you completely, enabling you to gear up for another spell of hard work in your routine life !

15th August, 1997

The Inauguration of this wonderful Resort marked an Independence day for the RESORT WORLD…Independence from the otherwise dull & routine Resorts…SAFFRONY presented a New Horizon to Tourists & Travellers, a boundless horizon of excitement, adventure, comfort, state of the art amenities, nature’s bounty & hospitality with a human approach… !

55 ACRES of God’s Green, situated bang on the Ahmedabad – Mehsana Expressway…SAFFRONY is an easy approach for one and all !These 55 ACRES have been beautifully & passionately Landscaped & Designed, for ultimate pleasure & pure leisure… both for the Mind n Body! SAFFRONY consists of an excellently planned Township with 80 Farm Homes & Infrastructure for the same.

SAFFRONY is what it is, purely due to the passion & perseverance of the Father – Son duo… who have nurtured & grown this massive tree from a sapling… Mr. A. M. Patel & Mr. Purvik Patel

They come from the Construction & Chemical Industry… have travelled a lot and experienced a plethora of Resorts & Hotels during their travels, which gave them a clear insight about How, a good RESORT should be !

SAFFRONY… is a complete package of Leisure, Entertainment, Pleasure, Culinary Excellence, Fun & Corporate Relaxation.
A Resort is all about S… P… A… C… E

SAFFRONY has so much SPACE that one can can only See it to believe it…Sprawled out is an understatement for a Resot, where even the Internal roads are so W I D E… let alone the Green lawns and Living Space.

This thoughtfully planned Resort takes care of the expectations of all age groups…Children, Youth, Middle Aged & the Senior Citizens.
Pure Leisure and Business with Pleasure are given equal impetus, which means that BUSINESS CONFERENCES @ SAFFRONY are a pure delight !
A Resort is all about Hospitality & Hospitality is all about HUMAN TOUCH… ( even after nearly 20 yrs… 80% of the Staff who joined at the start, are still there ! )

This is precisely the feature which elevates SAFFRONY from the rest. A Warm Welcome… Service with a Smile… & a Quick response to all logical expectations of guests…and Yes,

FOOD… Absolutely hygienic & tongue tickling Cuisine ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Timeless Classics ) which compels you, to ask for more…All this n much more awaits U… @ SAFFRONY !

Indoor games room with table tennis, pool, chess etc.

Virtual reality games, go-carting, horse riding

Cricket & foot ball grounds

Children’s Play area

Swimming Pool + Kids pool

Gymnasium well equipped

Health club with steam, sauna & jacuzzi

Well appointed, spacious rooms & cottages with state of the art amenities

24 hours room service

Need more reasons to visit SAFFRONY ? We are positive, you don’t !